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 BΞ HAWK are the first swim shorts with zipper-based & waterproof pockets. We combine comfort with enormous robustness to create a uniquely designed and utility-based product, that gives you the benefits you deserve in any situation in life. Every water-activity that you will participate, in or on water, such as swimming, surfing, diving, boating, sailing, just to mention a few, will be easier and more secure for your valuables. Our product gives the feeling to be really free and enjoy the moment to the fullest.


BΞ HAWK is not only a functional, but also a fashionable clothing with a unique design. Started by our logo which represents the king of the skies and stands for being truly free and secondly our collections for different types of users. We created several collections and three of them are available here on Kickstarter. The BΞ Basic (One Color Styles), BΞ Camo (Camouflage Styles) and BΞ Wave (Surfer Styles/Longshorts) Collections.


BΞ HAWK is easy & safe to use. Once you got the product in your hands, just inflate the pockets and then close them so its airtight. The next step is to check if any air is coming out of the pockets by simply pressuring the inflated pockets with your hands. If the simulation was successful, the inflated pockets will hold the air inside and you can be sure that they are totally secure to use.

BΞ HAWK is in a situation where we need all support we can get in order to start the first production phase. We hope you all will be part of this wonderful journey with us and support us by any means. Everyone knows the feeling when you are on a beautiful beach with crystal clear water and a breath-taking horizon. The only thing that really prevents you to BΞ LIMITLΞSS and enjoy the moment, is the thought of where to hide the valuables before diving in the water.


With BΞ HAWK swim shorts everyone is in the position to change this. You don't have to worry about hiding your things & valuables anymore. The solution is simple you just take them with you inside the water and BΞ FRΞΞ from anxiety and worry. It is important for us to provide a positive and memorable time for every sinlge person. So leave these thoughts behind and immerse yourself with us. DIVΞ IN not only into the water, but also in life.





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